Paddington Class are amazing authors!


We have had a busy week again, this has included:

  • learning more about tens and ones in two digit numbers
  • practicing our pencil skills in art by exploring different line patterns
  • learning about the toys Queen Elizabeth played with and how they are different to the toys we p-lay with now
  • looking at what happens in at Christian wedding and thinking about what promises we think should be made at a wedding
  • logging onto the laptops and practicing typing our names.

My highlight this week has been reading the amazing stories the children have written based on the story of The Enormous Turnip.  The children used their own ideas to change the characters and the object that was pulled out of the mud and thought carefully about the adjective they could use to describe them all whilst using spaces between the words, capital letters to start the sentences and full stops to end them! We had sparkling, heavy, fast racing cars; a tall, fluffy, strong dog; a heavy, muddy, hungry panda and even a unicorn with a large horn, sparkling horn and muddy hooves.

Well done Paddington Class, I am very proud of you all!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Egan



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