RE in Paddington Class

In RE today we learnt about how Christians and Muslims welcome babies into their families.  We pretended to welcome babies into our class family and acted out what Christians and Muslims would do.  In the photo above the children are pretending to be at a christening and the ‘vicar’ is making the sign of a cross on the ‘babies’ head.  We also learnt that God Parents are chosen to help the family raise the child as a Christain and that a candle is lit as a symbol of hope.

Then we learnt that Muslim families do not have a christening, but they do whisper a prayer into the newborn babies’ ear before cutting off their hair and weighing it.  The parents then give the same weight in money to charity.

The children read facts about both religions and wrote some of the facts they remember.  Well done Paddington Class!

Remember we have Forest School tomorrow.  Please bring a change of shoes and a jacket in case in rains.

Mrs Egan

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