A great week in Murray class!

Murray class rounded off a brilliant week by spending time in the library, looking at all the wonderful books!
This week in Murray class we have…

  • written fantastic diary entries in role as the ‘Killer Cat’
  • placed numbers on a number line accurately and then estimated where a number might go on other number lines with only a start and end point.
  • Used kind words in jigsaw to share positive messages about our friends following the class learning charter.
  • Explained our understanding of stretchy materials in science.
  • Written about why the year 1675 was an important year for Northampton in history.
  • Sketched All Saints Church in Northampton in Art using our understanding of shape.
  • learnt the alternative ‘y’ and ‘ch’ sounds in phonics.

Wow! I hope I haven’t missed anything, what a week!
Well done Murray class, have a fabulous weekend.
Miss Gedney

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