Poetry by Paddington Class

This week we listened to a poem about Starlings which was written to celebrate and promote words that have been removed from a children’s dictionary.  We then learnt all about the beautiful birds and were amazed at how they fly in groups called murmurations.  We talked about what they looked like, some ideas were:

Dancing like graceful ballet dancers.

Flying like a swam of bees.

Falling like hot chocolate sprinkles.

Moving line waves in the sea.

We then looked at the different parts of the Starlings and thought about adjectives to describe the parts of the bird as well as verbs to describe what they might be doing.  The children then put all their ideas together to write a poem about Starlings.  To accompany their poems, the children sketched wings and used the pencil dictionary skills to add tone to the sketch.  As you can see in the photos below, the children did brilliantly and should be very proud of the work they have produced.  Well done Paddington Class!


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