Dyson – Tesco Bakery visit

What a fabulous start to the week!

As part of our Design Technology food unit, Dyson class were lucky enough to visit Tesco’s bakery. The children thoroughly enjoyed their tour of the bakery, learning about each process needed to produce bread on a commercial scale. The bakery manager discussed the necessary ingredients needed to produce bread, comparing the 16kg sacks of flour needed to produce 24 loaves of bread with the 1kg bags that we buy and use at home. The children were given the opportunity to smell the yeast (all agreed it smelt disgusting) and handle the dough. He explained the need to allow the dough to prove in a warm and humid environment which culminated in the children being allowed to walk through the Proving cabinet. It was fascinating to see the machinery used to produce vast amounts of baked goods including the industrial ovens, packaging, slicing and labelling machines. The children were given the opportunity to ask questions, learn about how they dispose of food waste, partake in a team quiz and taste Tesco’s most popular loaf ‘Tiger’ bread.

This visit really helped broaden the children’s knowledge of bread production. Thank you, Tesco, for a wonderful tour, the donuts were delicious!

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