Science in Paddington Class

This week we thought about our senses and answered the enquiry question: What can I hear?  The children went on a walk around the school to find out where the quietest and loudest areas are and notice why this might be.  They also moved away from a source of sound and observed what happened to the volume of the sound as the moved away from it. The observations made included:

  • The quietest place was the library because no one was in there.
  • The loudest place was the field because children were doing PE and we could hear the cars.
  • As I move away from the sound it gets quieter.
  • I could hear the phone ringing, it was loud.
  • I can hear an aeroplane flying, it is far away.

We were really impressed with the Key Skills the children completed at home this week.  They were asked to observe what happened to jelly sweets left in water.  Have a look at the photos below of some of the work we collected this week.

Paddington Class are great scientists making predictions and careful observations, well done!

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