Einstein – Bakery Visit

On Tuesday, we visited Tesco’s bakery as part of our Design Technology unit on bread. The children really enjoyed their tour of the bakery, learning about each process needed to produce bread on a commercial scale. The bakery manager discussed the necessary ingredients needed to produce bread, all of the children smelt the yeast (MOST agreed it smelt disgusting) and handled the freshly mixed dough. He explained the need to allow the dough to prove in a warm and humid environment which culminated in the children being allowed to walk through the Proving cabinet. It was fascinating to see the machinery used to produce vast amounts of baked goods including the industrial ovens (deck oven), packaging, slicing and labelling machines. I think the moment Einstein may have enjoyed the most was the opportunity to taste the freshly baked ‘Tiger’ bread.

Well done Einstein for listening so carefully during your visit and being so inquisitive about the steps the bakers need to take to ensure we have some lovely Tiger bread on our shelves!

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