Year 2 Murray – Science Investigation

Today in Science, we investigated what the most suitable material would be for Lorenzo the Lego man who needs a new tent!

Last week, we planned our investigation and we chose the variables that we would keep the same and what we would change. Today we did  need to change the amount of liquid that we poured as we realised that 250ml is quite a lot of water!

To complete the investigation, we placed the material on top of the beaker and secured it with an elastic band. We then poured the water on top of the beaker from the same height each time. We waited for 2 minutes and after the 2 minutes, we measured how much water was in the beaker.

As you can see from the results table below, the tin foil and the paper didn’t let any water into the beaker and Lorenzo stayed dry. However, the cotton wool was the worst material and it let nearly all of the water in. Poor Lorenzo ended up having a bath!

After completing our experiment, it was important that we write up the results. We discussed whether paper or tin foil really would be good materials for a tent and although they are waterproof, they probably aren’t the best choice of material!

Well done Murray class, a great investigation!

Miss Gedney

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