PSHE in Paddington Class

As part of our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) we have been celebrating our differences.  To do this we have designed T shirts and shorts for a character that reflects the differences we have in Paddington Class.   Thinking about our favourite animals we all designed different t shirts and then focusing on our favourite foods and colours we designed different shorts.  We can see we are all different by looking at each other and how different each of the outfits we designed are.

Today we talked about bullying.  We discussed what bullying is and what we can do to prevent it from happening and stopping it if we think it is happening.  We then designed hats fr our characters with messages on them to promote ANTI bullying such as ‘Be Kind’ ‘Stop Bullies’ and ‘Always Share’.

Next week we will be designing shoes to complete our characters with messages on them to remind ourselves of two things we could do if we felt we were being bullied.

The characters you have made look great and you came up with some brilliant ideas about our differences, well done Paddington Class!

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