Wiggins Class

What a week!

In maths we have been learning about lots of things, including 2d and 3D shapes, combining amounts to complete addition number sentences and solving problems and counting using one to correspondence. The children worked hard to show their understanding using a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods.

On Thursday afternoon, we had snow in the class, well a snow machine at least! The children danced and played in the snow, trying to catch the snowflakes during Music Bugs.

Library time was a real pleasure. The children love sharing stories with adults, showing more and more understanding of a growing range of texts. Please remember to send their library books into school with them on a Tuesday so they can change them.

Lots of work in English has been around The a Gingerbread Man. We are learning to recite the story with actions and change characters to make short stories of our own. Of course, we have been eating the gingerbread man too!

Thursday was a chilly Forest School session. As it gets colder and probably wetter, the children will need waterproofs and an extra layer at school. It’s a great chance to build independence in getting dressed appropriately too, so please make sure we have the appropriate clothes for them on a Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend!

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