Matilda class- Disco and Forest Bears

Apologies for the lack of blog last week, I was having some technical difficulties! As such, most of these pictures are from the Christmas disco where the children had a fantastic time and last week’s forest school where the children hunted around for items to create a fantastic bear piece of art to support their work in English for We’re going on a bear hunt. The children were very creative and it was lovely to get a proper class photo with their work.

The children have been working exceptionally hard not just in the classroom but on the stage as well, preparing for the Christmas play. Lines have been learnt, songs memorised and stage directions practiced. We are already very proud of the work they have done and I am sure all of those who come to see the performance will be too.

This week the children have written their own journey story in the style of We’re going on a bear hunt, changing key aspects of the story to their own ideas. The children have been learning to add two numbers together, using a number line to help to find the total. In art the children have been finishing off their seascapes, which will be used for their calendars this year. Alongside our Christmas performance of the nativity we have discussed the Christmas story in RE, looking at the events that took place, the gifts that were given and how we should say thank you for the gifts we are fortunate enough to receive.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I will see you all on Monday.

Mr Seddon

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