Year 3 Dahl – RE and Kindness

Our RE lesson this week was based upon the topic of ‘kindness’. To begin with, we came together as a class and looked at a photo of a famous footballer called Marcus Rashford. We discussed how, during lockdown, Marcus Rashford showed kindness to lots of people by making sure people had enough food to eat. We moved to talking about people in our lives who are caring and show kindness towards us before thinking about ways we ourselves can be kind and caring towards others. There were so many thoughtful ideas and it was lovely to hear these being shared within the classroom. Using these ideas, we created two stars. On one star, we wrote about people who are kind to us and the ways in which they help us. On the second star, we wrote down ways that we can show kindness to others. We spoke about how these can be small things such as smiling and saying hello to someone as we walk past them or other things such as playing together, helping someone if they are hurt or helping with jobs at home or in school.

Well done everyone for another great week. Have a lovely weekend!

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