Happy Christmas Robinson Class

What a brilliant day we had yesterday celebrating Christmas altogether. First, we went into a whole school assembly and enjoyed watching all of the teachers singing and dancing. We all found it very funny and I was pleased that the children cheered when it was Robinson and Wiggins class teachers turn. After the assembly, we made gingerbread houses. We worked as a team to use icing to glue the walls and roof together. We very much enjoyed decorating the houses as it was messy and tasty.

For lunch we all sat together and ate our party food whilst listening to Christmas music. The children enjoyed sitting with the grown ups and singing along to the songs. After lunch, we played musical statues however we weren’t very good as we kept giggling. We did lots of dancing and then heard some bells at the door………

We were so fortunate as Father Christmas came to visit our class. The children gave Father Christmas a huge hug and sat and listened to his story of how he came to Simon De Senlis. All of the children put their hand up and asked Father Christmas a question which was lovely. Father Christmas knew how amazing Robinson class were and gave them some presents to open. We took it in turns to share opening the presents and loved our gifts. He gave us an electric till and shop role play pack which the children loved as now we have an electric till for our daily snack shop. We also got a fabric play pizza and a doctors set. The children immediately began using the toys in different role play games.

We had a magical day in Robinson class and I wish you all a very magical, happy Christmas.

I am already excited to hear about what you have been up to on Wednesday 4th January.


Miss Leatherland

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