Science Experiment in Ennis Class

In Ennis Class during our Science Unit, we investigated what the most suitable material would be for Lorenzo’s Tent for his camping trip.

During the unit, we explored different types of waterproof materials and their properties. We then planned our investigation discussing which variables we are changing and which ones we are keeping the same for the experiment.

To complete the investigation we gathered our resources, we then placed Lorenzo into a beaker and placed the material over the top of the beaker, securing it with an elastic band. We then poured water over the material from a specific height and timed two minutes using a stop watch. After, we carefully checked how much water was in the beaker and measured it. As a class we recorded our results, discussed our predictions and then informed Lorenzo about which material we found to be the most suitable for his tent.

We had so much fun completing the experiment, making predictions and exploring different types of materials and their properties.

Well done Ennis Class!


Miss Fantozzi

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