Marvellous Maths in Wiggins Class

We have been exploring pattern and shape today, with lots of practical activities and tasks.

We made some beautiful collages using lots of different patterned papers and fabrics. There are patterns everywhere, on the classroom walls, on clothes, on our school bags and lots of other places. I wonder how many patterns you might find around your homes.

Within shape, I set a challenge for the children to create different shapes from four identical triangles, with rules as to which sides were allowed to touch. Trying to make different shapes from our friends was a bit tricky! It was interesting to make five and six sided shapes that are different to the regular pentagons and hexagons that we usually see.  We also made different shapes in our Forest School lesson this afternoon using sticks of varying lengths and went on a shape hunt. We found lots of 2d and 3D shapes. It would be lovely to hear about the shapes you might find out and about over the weekend.



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