Healthy us

In Wiggins Class we are learning about how to keep our bodies healthy. We know that we need to eat fruits and vegetables, have enough sleep and today we thought about exercise and how important that is in looking after our bodies.

In PE, we worked hard to raise our heart rate and felt our chests to feel the speed of our heart beat. Then, we exercised by climbing on, in, through, under, along and above the apparatus. The children are working hard to try and work quietly in the hall so we are being safe.
We were very impressed with how strong the children are becoming. They climbed with confidence and some could hang from the apparatus, working their arm muscles well. We practised log rolls which were harder then we thought! It was quite tricky to remain in a straight line, you should give it a try at home! Some of the children tried forward rolls too and we will keep working on this to improve.
As a family, I would love to hear about the ways you all exercise together, a woodland walk to find signs of Spring would be a great form of exercise.

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