World Book Day

Paddington Class have had a brilliant time celebrating World Book Day.  We were very lucky to be able to share books with family members this morning.  It was lovely to see so many of our books being enjoyed.   The children then continued to be authors ourselves as they completed their own Lost and Found stories.  I have had the pleasure of reading them all tonight and I am so very proud of all the children, they have listened so carefully to the model text we learnt and have been creative with their own ideas to write their own stories based on the one we learnt.  I began to write a list of children I felt deserved a special certificate for being such an amazing writer and I honestly don’t think I have ever had such a long list of deserving authors! I have read about robots who are frightful, others who are as strong as super heroes and some who are kind and mindful.  Some children wrote about robots loosing arms that were found being used as baseball bats as well as one who lost it’s veins that were being used by scientists in a laboratory to do experiments on blood and another child had a robot loosing his fingers which were found in a fish finger sandwich! Such creative ideas!  Well done Paddington Class!

This afternoon we shared the children’s ‘book a a box’ creations that they had made at home.  These were also amazing and I had a really tough time choosing the winners.  We also enjoyed sharing some reading time with children in year 5  (Thanks to Mrs Amos for uploading the photos!) Here are also  some glimpses at the brilliant stories the authors of Paddington Class have written and they will have time to share these with their friends tomorrow, I am looking forward to celebrating their success with them!

Mrs Egan

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