Matilda Class- Books, Bees and Bird feeders!

It has been a fantastically busy first couple of weeks back in Matilda class.
The children have worked so hard on their Nobot the Robot stories and I must say I was incredibly impressed with the robot visitors we had in Matilda class.
In forest school last week we created bird feeders out of Cheerios and string. Some of the children took them home for their own gardens and some left them in our forest school area. I am sure the birds were very thankful!
In music the children have been learning a new song called round and round. As well as learning the word the children wanted to add some dance moves and actions to help them remember.

In RE the children have started their new unit on Judaism. The children have been learning about what is important to Jewish people and have made some of their own Mezuzahs.

Yesterday was world book day and I was absolutely blown away with all the book in a boxes I saw. It was great to have so many parents in to read with the children in the morning and for the children to have the opportunity to read with the year 5s.
Today the children got out the bee bots, programmed them to move and made some great tracks for them using Lego, pencils and rulers.

A great start to the term. Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mr Seddon

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