Ennis Class – Brilliant ball skills in P:E!

This afternoon, Ennis class had a brilliant time developing their ball skills in P:E. We began our lesson warming our bodies up by completing a range of warm up exercises. The children then shared their prior knowledge of ball skills with each other, before partnering up and focusing on developing specific ball skills. All children showed how they can control the ball by putting their bodies into different positions and built on their prior knowledge of balancing and co-ordination. After we thought about which ball skills we can develop on the ground and which ones we can develop in the air. The children ensured they were in the correct position ready to receive the ball from their peers.

Ennis class gave 100% as always and it was great to see children sharing their skills with each other and developing their P:E skills further.

Super effort everyone! Well done.

Miss Fantozzi


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