Murray Class – RE

This term, in Murray class we have been learning all about Christianity and the importance of Easter.

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed learning the Easter story and finding out why Easter is important to Christians.
We know that chocolate eggs is not the most important part and Easter is all about celebrating new life and new beginnings.

This week, we learnt about the Last Supper and we discussed our own special dinners. We talked about why a dinner might be special, because we are celebrating with family, we eat our favourite food and we enjoy their company.

Today we looked at how Jesus showed his love and forgiveness. We all wrote a prayer from Jesus to God on a paper plate. The sentence starters were

Thank you God for…

Sorry God…

Please God…

Help me to…

The children came up with some wonderful responses, such as.

Thank you God for loving me.

Sorry God, please forgive me.

Please God look after me.

Help me to help other people.

Here are a few examples of our wonderful prayer plates.

Well done Murray class, have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Gedney

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