Y2 Murray – PE

Murray class had a fantastic PE lesson yesterday (although it was very windy!) working on our balance and control skills when using a ball.

We started out by playing a game of follow the leader to warm up. We had to follow the leader and copy everything they did, which became quite funny!

After warming up we began to work on our skill – maintaining control while moving a ball around our bodies, up and down our legs and then extending ourselves to using one hand to roll the ball up and down our bodies and then in and out of our legs. There was a lot of control and we didn’t lose any balls!

Then, we joined up in pairs and teams to work on some tricks and passing skills. Working in pairs and a small group, we practised a trick and then threw the ball carefully to the next person, who then performed their trick and so on. Finally, we finished with another game of follow the leader, but this time we incorporated our tricks too!

Well done everyone, great ball skills and control!

Miss Gedney

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