Another fantastic week

This term has flown by! Paddington Class continue to be amazing in all they do, working hard as a team, supporting each other and being determined to succeed.  This week we have been celebrating our learning in different units of work.

  • In RE we recalled our knowledge about Jewish traditions, acted out putting out our Havdalah candles in the Kiddush cups and tried on the kippah caps.  The children remembered that the Havdalah candles are lit at the end of Shabbat and put out using wine or grape juice from the Kiddush cup and that the 6 candle sticks represent that Jewish people believe that God made the world in 6 days.  The children are proud of the craft Havdalah candles they have made and were able to take these home today.
  • In Science we investigated which materials would make the best cover for Paddington Bear if he was to camp in Forest School.   We recalled our previous knowledge of properties of materials and decided that cotton wool would be good to keep him warm but to stay dry he needs a waterproof cover made from materials like tinfoil or plastic.  We found out that plastic and tinfoil are waterproof by placing them over Paddington Bear and dripping water on the material.  We noticed that when we used tissue and cotton wool the water went through the material and Paddington go wet but when the we used plastic and tinfoil, the water stayed on top of the material.  We now know this means tinfoil and plastic are waterproof but cotton wool and tissue are not waterproof.
  • In Maths we have been learning about clockwise and anti clockwise directions as well as full turns and half turns.
  • In English the children have been really creative with their ideas when writing as characters in different illustrations.
  • In reading we have been looking at a text about a dragon and learning how to sequence sentences from the text.

We have had another brilliant term together and I look forward to our last day of the term tomorrow when we will be enjoying an egg hunt in Forest School (it is very muddy at Forest School at the moment so please remember wellies and waterproof trousers!) we will also enjoy the new outdoor classroom!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter break and I really look forward to our Summer term together.

Mrs Egan

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