Robinson Class RE

Good afternoon,


We have just had a fantastic RE lesson learning all about Buddhism. The children began by looking at a picture of a Buddha praying. In groups they discussed who this might be, where they are, what they are doing and why. The children came up with some great ideas and incorporated their knowledge of other religions to form their answers. I was very impressed with their skills to recall and make connections.

Then, we learnt about the key symbols in Buddhism and some of their teachings. We discussed how Buddhism is different to other religions as there isn’t a god. We liked the teaching of good things will happen if you do good things and that Buddhas are described as wise, kind and compassionate.

We spent time looking at one of the main practices of meditation. We learnt that Buddhists meditate to calm their body and minds. We looked at how they take off their shoes and tuck in their feet when they sit as a sign of respect. We then had a go at meditating, focussing on our breathing and clearing our mind of any worries.


Well done Robinson class, I can’t wait to learn more in our next lesson.

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