Murray Class – A wonderful week!

What a fantastic week we have had!

We started off our week by taking a trip to the forest and surprisingly, we found a trail of breadcrumbs! Whilst we were there, we also heard some strange noises like snapping twigs and hissing sounds! We popped into the outdoor classroom to make some notes about what we could hear, see, smell and feel. We soon realised that this was all about our new text Hansel and Gretel so we began to learn our new text map and actions.

Our toolkit is a suspense toolkit so we have been learning about how to make the reader feel a little bit uneasy and want to read on by putting our character in a scary setting, showing our characters reactions and isolating them. We have had two different pictures and innovated on two separate parts of the story and used our own ideas. The writing has been amazing!

Also this week, in maths we have been recapping and consolidating our knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes. We loved using lolly sticks earlier on this week to make 2d shapes and named the shapes as we made them. Then, we explored 3d shapes and their properties, including the vocabulary of faces, edges and vertices. Today, we made links between 3d shapes and everyday objects and tried to find some in ouor classroom. I wonder if you can find any 3d shapes at home?

Thank you for such a wonderful week Murray class, enjoy the sunshine and the bank holiday!

Miss Gedney

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