Robinson Class Cooking

Wow what a brilliant afternoon we have had in Robinson class. The children were incredibly fortunate to have a visit from East Hunsbury Seniors who volunteered to run a cooking class. The children made magic biscuits and had to work as a team to follow the instructions carefully to make delicious chocolate chip biscuits. It was wonderful to watch the children and adults engaging together and for the children to use their communication skills to create the delicious treats.

A huge thank you to the East Hunsbury Seniors for the opportunity and we are definitely looking forward to you visiting again.


Here were some of our favourite things:

I liked baking with the visitors and eating the biscuits was the best. We had so many chocolate chips.

I loved cooking and being able to take them home for my brother.

I liked making and eating the biscuits.

I liked playing with the visitors outside and baking.

Cooking is good.

I liked them coming to visit and want them to come every week.

I liked eating the biscuits because biscuits are my favourite.


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