Year 3- Plant Investigation

Over the past 5 weeks, we have been investigating plant growth. We have explored what impacts a plant to thrive, survive or die. In week one, we set up an investigation with three plants. One plant we left as the control plant, another plant we took all the leaves of it and the last plant we took all the petals off. From previous learning in Year 2, we already knew plants need water and sunlight to grow so we made sure all the plants had the same amount of water and sunlight each to ensure it was a fair test.

We have observed the plants over the weeks. One of the observations we noticed was that some of the petals and leaves grew back. We had a brilliant scientific discussion around why this could of been and we came to the conclusion it may be because the plants were still receiving water and sunlight which is crucial to plants to help them survive. In conclusion, we found the control plant was the only plant to thrive while the rest survived.


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