Murray Class – Super Sewing!

What a great week we have had in Murray class this week!

Today, we continued with our DT project, sewing together our hand puppets. Last week we designed our puppets and cut the felt out carefully using scissors. Today was all about sewing. Some children had already been taught to sew before and they were expert helpers in the classroom, but those that didn’t know picked up the skill SO quickly!
We had to have lots of patience and perseverance today and my goodness the classroom was silent as we all got our heads down and learnt how to sew. It was AMAZING! There were a few grumbles to start when we kept losing the needle and thread but with practice, everyone was able to try their best to thread the needle carefully and continue sewing. By the end of the lesson, there were smiles for miles.

Everyone was so proud of themselves and myself, Mrs Walker, Mrs Kaye and our super helper Mrs Dumont were so impressed with the sewing and the hard work that took place.

Well done Murray class, enjoy the sunshine this weekend!
Miss Gedney

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