What a great day in Wiggins Class!

I could not be more proud of Wiggins Class than I am today.

The children have been working so hard with their English work over the last few weeks and today, we started to create our own stories. The children mapped out their plans on story mountains and will use them to write their stories over the next couple of days. The plans are great and I can’t wait to read the stories. We have some fabulous characters to meet, including dogs, clowns and crocodiles!

Maths saw the children using dominoes to create pictorial representations and addition number sentences. Some of the children are learning to count on from the greatest number and we will develop this further in the coming weeks.

Wiggins Class also enjoyed some rhubarb crumble using our very own home-grown rhubarb from the school garden. Nearly all the children tried it which was great progress for some of them. We also had a cooling ice lolly at the end of the day, kindly donated by a parent yesterday.

Several of the children in the class also earned their gold badge today for getting 300 dojo points. Well done Wiggins Class, you are working so hard at school.

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