Murray Class – Museum Trip

Year 2 had a fantastic morning this morning on our trip to the museum.

When we arrived, we met Seb, who was an architect from the firm that designed the new museum building. He talked to us about what an architect is and what their job involves. We then looked at some pictures from other buildings, the Gherkin in London, the Taj Mahal and All Saints Church.


He then talked to us about how they designed the new museum, by incorporating some of the old building into the new building. The new building still has some of the features of the old gaol, including the windows. This was the focus of our visit.

It was really exciting because he took us downstairs to look at the windows from below and while there, we had a chance to look at all of the amazing shoes on display!

After spending some time looking at the windows, we stopped for a snack and to get our sketch books out. The children enjoyed looking carefully at the design of the windows, thinking about the shape of them and they sketched these in their books.

Over the next few weeks, we will now be drawing and sketching these windows ready for our art exhibition where hopefully you will come and buy our fabulous art work!

Well done year 2, what a great morning we had! 

Miss Gedney

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