Year 1- Trip to Woburn

The children have had an absolutely fantastic time at Woburn Safari Park. We saw lions, bears, ostriches, giraffes, snakes and elephants, to name just a few. I do believe that for many of the children the highlight was most definitely the mischievous monkeys who climbed all over the bus, made a proper mess and even tried to take some of the bus with them! We had a wonderful talk about all the kinds of poo that animals produce and why and how they look, feel and smell different.

It has been a lovely day all round. The children were a real credit to their parents and the school, the coach driver congratulated them on such perfect behaviour and manners too, well done year!
We hope you all have a great weekend.
Mr Seddon, Mrs Egan

P.S. I will try to post more photos over the weekend once I have edited them so those who can not appear on blogs are removed.




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