Year 2 Murray – Brixworth Country Park

Yesterday, Year 2 had a fabulous trip to Brixworth where we had a day of exploring the outdoors and taking part in some activities led by the park rangers.

We started off by playing some games to warm up before we headed down into the forest area where we were all given a woodland creature and tasked with creating a safe shelter for our creatures. Well, the children worked so hard to create their shelters and spent ages collecting appropriate materials. As you can see from the pictures, they had a great time!


After a lovely play in the park and lunch, we then went for a long walk. Our ranger Juno gave us some journey sticks, so that we could collect natural objects along the way and fill our journey sticks with reminders of our walk. The children loved collecting natural resources to add to their sticks!

After walking down and up a big hill we reached a small wooded area where we completed our last activity, a mini beast hunt! We looked carefully for minibeasts in their habitats and collected them carefully in our magnifying pots. We were having so much fun, we had to do a quick march back to the coach to get back to school on time!

We had such a wonderful day, exploring the outdoors and the children had a fantastic time. Thank you to our parent helpers for helping us on the trip.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Gedney

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