Ennis Class – Fabulous first week back!

Wow… What a fantastic week we have had! You have transitioned into year 2 with huge smiles on your faces and with positive and determined attitudes to learn. You have listened carefully to new routines and expectations and have implemented these with care and precision.

In English we have started a new unit based on the story, Little Charlie and The Lighthouse Keeper. The children have worked on understanding what an adjective is and collecting adjectives together based on a character. We have created sentences that include an adjective to describe a range of items found within a shopping basket. Finally, we then used our prior learning to then create an ‘I am’ poem based on the Lighthouse Keeper.

In maths we have been been focusing on odd and even numbers and what rules we have to remember in order to recognise a 1 digit or 2 digit that is odd or even. We then moved our learning on to focusing on 2 digit numbers and have been using a range of representations such as numicon, dienes and straws to explain what we know about a specific numbers through comparing them. For example, the children are now able to use sentences stems such as… My number is bigger than your number because it has 2 tens and 1 one. However, my number is smaller than yours because it has 1 ten and 2 ones. I am super impressed with the children’s oracy skills and how they build and support each others ideas.

We have also started many new topic subjects, such as Science and History. In Science we are learning all about Materials and how they change shape. In History we have began to learn all about Northampton’s history and The Great Fire of Northampton.

Well done Ennis Class, I am so proud of you. I am very much looking forward to our year ahead.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend, please ensure you drink lots to stay hydrated.

Miss Fantozzi

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