Matilda class- First week back!

It has been a great first week back in Matilda class! The children have settled in really well and adapted brilliantly to the year 1 lifestyle. The children have been working so hard these last few days. In English we have been working on ordering sentences, looking for correct punctuation and writing sentences about their holidays.
In maths we have been counting and identifying the numbers of objects practically and pictorially.
We have started our history unit about the royal family and had a look at the coronations of King Charles III, Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI.
Today we had our termly E Safety lesson and the children have been exploring the laptops, using the keyboards to type their names and started to create story openings.n
It’s been a fantastic start to the term, and I can’t wait for what is to come!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend; I will see you on Monday.
Mr Seddon

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