Year 3 – A great start to the week!

Good morning Year 3!

We’re having a great start to the week this week and I wanted to share some fabulous examples of our learning so far.

Yesterday, in English, we wrote Fast Poems! These fast poems were AMAZING and I enjoyed reading them so much. Here are just a few of them. As you can see, we followed a structure for a dragon, then either chose to write about a dragon or a different animal. We had a tortoise, a unicorn and a lion!

I am so proud of your work this week, there are so many things I could share here. I also loved seeing your art work this week, Mrs Egan will be so pleased!

You’ve been working hard in maths working with division and today’s challenge is to move onto using remainders and investigating some problems.


There is a wonderful wellbeing Wednesday task today set by Miss Garrard. We enjoyed looking at these this morning in our morning meeting and I cannot wait to see what you create!

We are aware of some problems with Teams this morning. You can still access the videos but you may not be able to see the images. We will try to make sure everything you need is available for you to access.

Have a great day! Well done Year 3, we’re so proud of your hard work.
Miss Gedney

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