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There is a technical issue with Teams today with images loading. To help with this, we have copied any pictures of the work from today below for you. Luckily, most of the work is typed onto the OneNote page for today and there are not too many pictures meaning that most of the work is loading as it normally does!

If you are having problems viewing the video lessons on Teams, please copy and paste the video links into google chrome.


The only picture on today’s writing activity is a copy of the model text. This has been copied below for you.

Back in Time

Every year, class 5 went to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum and this year was no exception. The guide stopped at each display to tell the children about the different artefacts. It was only when they reached the Egyptian display that Emily became interested. A scarab beetle caught her attention. Glittering wings flickered in the light, greens and blues shimmered like an iridescent gemstone and elongated feelers stretched towards her.

As class 5 meandered into the Viking section, Emily waited. As soon as they had gone, she reached out tentatively and touched the beetle. She felt a burning, stabbing pain and withdrew her hand immediately as if she had been stung. A moment later, she was standing at the edge of a vast desert. Huge, sand-coloured pyramids jutted upwards, white birds circled above and a vast river oozed with tropical palm trees lining its edge. Emily gasped, for she knew exactly where she was!

A procession wound its way from the river towards Emily. At the front, a man dressed as Anubis, wearing a jackal’s mask, strode towards her. Drums beat, rattles shivered and the procession sung a low chant. Six men carried a golden stand on which there was a regal throne. A beautiful woman surveyed the procession from on high. She was the only person without a mask and she was staring right at Emily, pointing!

Without thinking, Emily dashed quickly towards a door set into the closest pyramid. Inside, it was cool and as she ran down a passageway, torches burned to light the way ahead. On the walls, she saw intricately carved images and hieroglyphs that were difficult to comprehend. She could hear voices shouting and the sound of running feet behind her but the way ahead was blocked! Spinning round, she found the jackal in front of her. The mask seemed to grin.

Suddenly, something itched against her leg; a shiny beetle glittered.  Emily recognised the greens and blues glimmering in the torchlight. She reached down, touched the beetle and once again felt a burning stabbing pain. A moment later, she was back in the museum with Mrs Hardy striding towards her. “The museum has been closed for half an hour. We’re all in the coach. Where have you been young lady?”

“In Egypt,” Emily stammered but Mrs Hardy did not look at all pleased with her answer!



There are no pictures for the comfort activities in maths today.

Here are the missing box activities for Stretch:


Here are the missing box activities for Challenge:

Here is the plenary activity:


We hope this helps!

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