Year 3 Songwriters 🎶

15 children from Year 3 have had a fabulous afternoon today and can now confidently call themselves songwriters! We were lucky enough to have John Bowman from Notivate join us in the library to help us to write a song for the rest of Year 3 to perform and dance to next Wednesday.

We started off by looking at all of John’s equipment. He had speakers,headphones, a laptop and a mini keyboard and he used these to work his magic on our song. He showed us how the microphone worked with the pop shield to protect the microphone. John is a producer and produces music for various artists but we were lucky enough to have the recording studio brought to us today!

We listened to some sounds on the keyboard. It was a clever keyboard because it played different sounds, for example, an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, cello, violin, flute and a synthesiser which merged sounds together.

After this, we started to think about our theme. This song is going to be the backing track for the rest of Year 3 to perform to, with our unit of work around A Midsummer Nights Dream. Our focus is fairies so we enjoyed coming up with some words that relate to fairies and the magical world. Here are the ideas that we came up with.

When we had thought of these words, we had the chance to put some headphones on and say the words into the microphone.

John then helped us to put these words into sentences. Here are our sentences, aren’t they amazing!

After some initial nerves about being recorded, we put on our bravery hats and started to say the sentences into the microphone. After a couple of practises we said them with confidence and enjoyed hearing our voices back through the speakers. As soon as one person recorded their voice, the rest of us found our confidence and all joined in!

Once we had recorded these spoken words, John then wanted us to sing. We then though of a some more words and Jacob added a catchy tune with John’s help using the keyboard. We’ve now all got this song stuck in our heads!

We’re singing a song about fairies

and this is our beat.

Immortal fairies living their lives

Wouldn’t you like to meet?

It was time for us to record again. After Jacob bravely stepped up and sang a solo, we then formed small groups together and sang the chorus brilliantly.

To finish our song, we needed to add some more spoken lines to build the atmosphere. Here are our final lines. Again, every child stood up and spoke brilliantly! Flynn created some atmosphere with his line ‘Alive with magic’ that he was able to proudly say numerous times to add detail to our song.

Alive with magic

The fairies fly like the night

Entranced with delight

Abuzz with spectacle fairies

Silence spreads through the forest

Fairies sprinkle mystical magic

Silver shimmering shapes

Fairies sprinkle delight

We are all so proud of the music that John has produced with us today. Mrs Wood and I were really proud to be in the room with you hearing the work that you created, but also seeing the growth in confidence that was shown too. John worked his magic and has created a fantastic piece of music that we should all be proud of. We can’t wait to share it with the rest of Year 3 so they can learn and perform a dance next week.

When we have the link, we will share it for you to hear!

Well done Year 3!

Miss Gedney

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