Breathtaking Poetry

This week we have been gathering ideas and vocabulary for poetry writing as part of our persuasion unit of work.  We used the picture of Dumbledore to collect words associated with his features before collating them into a poem.  All of the children had amazing ideas that they crafted into descriptive poetry.

This is an extract from Alyssa’s work- Mrs Greener and Mrs de Board were amazed!

He wears a weathered hat, meticulously embroidered with intricate gold symbols, shielding his busy mind; full of unlimited knowledge.

His over-grown hair- as long as his life and as thick as his books- cascades down his face, swaying in his wand’s swarming energy.

His eyes are windows peering into your soul, delving deeply into your thoughts, watching your memories float in the glistening ponds.

His cheeks are aged pockets of wisdom, shadowed by his waterfall of hair.

His lips open to mutter untold stories of force and wisdom, hiding broken secrets.

Each lengthy strand of his beard a separate journey through time.

His ancient velvet robes trail across the floor behind him like a child’s favourite toy.

His name is Dumbledore.

Well done Churchill class.

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