Brilliant writing in Mozart!

This week in our English lessons we have been planning and then writing our hot writes, which involved the children writing their own ‘character change’ stories. So far this year we have been learning all about the story of Mr Big and how to build an effective character – for example, by describing their body language, what they wear, how others react to them etc. The children used all of the toolkits they have learnt and developed, as well as their knowledge of how to structure a character change story, to generate lots of ideas, and I was so impressed by what they were able to come up with! Today, they were finally able to put their fantastic imaginations to paper when they independently wrote their stories. It was great to see such descriptive writing, and it seemed like the children really enjoyed writing about ‘Mr McFlurry’ and ‘Billie Eilish’ (just two examples of the characters’ names!)

Have a read of some great examples below:

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