Science in Year 1

In Science today we learnt about the materials different objects are made from. We sorted the objects talking about what they are made from and how the objects felt.  There was also discussion about why certain materials are used to make particular objects.  Some comments that were made include:

The plates and cups are plastic, this is good because you can wash them.

Scissors are made of plastic and metal.  The metal is hard and lets me cut lots of paper.

My gloves are made of wool, they keep my hands warm

This bottle is made of plastic, I can see through it.

This cup is made of card, that comes from wood from trees.  We can recycle it.

Paper clips are made of metal, you can bend them.

You sorted the objects by what they are made of and made some great observations! Well done Year 1!

Mrs Egan and Mrs Chamberlain

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