Rowling – RE with St Benedict’s Church

Year 3 were lucky enough to have some special visitors this week, Griff and Rowena from St Benedict’s Church.

They came today to share our RE lesson, to help us learn about how we can be more like Jesus. We learnt how Jesus taught people to be kind, trusting, grateful, friendly and generous, amongst others.

First, we used actions, as Rowena told us all about the bible and the commandments. Jesus told people to love God and love thy neighbour. Then, Griff told us all about how Jesus would wash peoples feet, to show how much he cared about people. He told others to follow his example, to serve each other and to be kind and loving to others as Jesus would as this will make you feel good inside.

We then did a bit of drama, and had a go at pretending how it felt to wash peoples feet. Some said it felt a bit sad, and a bit like being a servant but we discussed how Jesus was showing kindness for those around him by serving them.

Finally, we wrote sentences about how we are going to show people around us how we love and care for them.

Some ideas were:

Smile at someone

Tell a joke!

Be grateful and say thank you

Give someone a hug

Be kind

Be welcoming

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

We finished by asking Griff and Rowena some questions about St Benedict’s church.

Well done Rowling class for being respectful and for sharing so kindly and thoughtfully with Griff and Rowena. We have had a wonderful afternoon!

Miss Gedney

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