A lovely Forest School lesson in Reception!

What a lovely Forest School lesson this week!
The children were outside in the beautiful sunshine, which gave them a great opportunity to have a class discussion about seasonal changes as we approach summer. They then re capped the Forest School rules, regarding how to stay safe in the area.
The children worked in pairs to make Summer Magic Potions!
First, they had to find a magic wand in the forest to use to make their potion. Then, they had a look at the magic potions lab in Forest School. They found bottles of unicorn blood, frog’s breath, newt eyes and even a bottle containing rays of sunshine! They used these to make lots of magic potions, then walked around the Forest to add elements of summer, such as green leaves and petals.
The children then had the opportunity to write their Summer Magic Potion recipe.
All of the children in the class showed great team work and had lots of fun!

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