Rowling Class – A great week!

We’ve had a great week in Rowling class this week. We started the week with a fun PE lesson, learning how to skip! At the beginning of the lesson, most of us didn’t feel very confident about skipping, but by the end, we were all skipping around the playground!

In maths, we have been learning about angles and lines. We have learnt lots of new words, including parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical. We learnt about right angles and compared these. We checked the angles using a right angle checker and we used geoboards to make shapes. I wonder if you can find any parallel or perpendicular lines at home?

In English, we have been looking at character descriptions and we wrote about Maleficent using the tools from our toolkit. We then used these tools to write about a different character.

In Science, we continued our work on plants and in Geography we continued to discuss recycling and why it is important to use a reusable water bottle, not a plastic bottle. Rowling class were very good at using persuasive language to persuade others to use a reusable water bottle!

It was fantastic to see so many members of Rowling class running laps of the playground after school for our Fun Run. Well done everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully the sun will come back out!

Miss Gedney

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