Brilliant start to Year 1

This week year one have settled brilliantly into their new classes.  They have learnt the new routines quickly and responded to different expectations really well.  We have been sharing facts about ourselves and practicing our handwriting.  In maths we have been practicing our counting skills and progressed to adding two amounts together. During English lessons we have been learning the story The Enormous Turnip using actions to help us with the words.  We looked at turnips and discussed what we thought they were and described how they felt, looked and smelt! Some ideas included:

I think it is a beetroot because it is purple.

I think it is an onion because it smells yucky.

I think it is an onion because it feely bumpy like a road.

I think it is a turnip because it looks like the one you painted over there!

I think is a turnip because it is purple, bumpy and firm.

Great ideas year 1!

We have explored also the play equipment at break time and demonstrated excellent strength and balancing skills.  Tomorrow we will celebrate the end of a brilliant first week with Paddington Class having Forest School (please remember a change of shoes) whilst Matilda Class has computing.

We will hand out the Key Skills work to be completed at home tomorrow, this will be due in on Wednesday.

We have been impressed with what a fantastic start to year one the children have had with their team work, resilience and understanding, we are very much looking forward to the year ahead.

Mrs Egan and Mr Sedden


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