Year 1 Geography Walk

This afternoon we went on a walk to improve our geographical knowledge of the local area.  We sketched buildings we saw along the way and thought about the services we have local to our school that help us.  We spotted the leisure centre, a sandwich shop, hairdressers, a card shop, a supermarket, a library and a park.  We also looked at different types of houses nearby.  On our walk the children added landmarks to a map of the route and were a credit to the school throughout the walk.  Some of the observations made by the children included:

The leisure centre is where we can swim, have parties and have fun.

At the library we borrow books.

We can get food at Subway and Tesco.

The park is fun! There are lots of tall trees and squirrels and swings to go on.

A bungalow doesn’t have an upstairs.

A dethatched house has an upstairs and is not attached to other houses.




One thought on “Year 1 Geography Walk

  • 4th November 2022 at 6:45 pm

    I saw you all today.
    Hope you had a great geography lesson.
    Loved the photo of you all outside the Library and the lovely poppy display.👏👏👏👏


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