E- Safety Lesson

This afternoon, the children enjoyed thinking and discussing online bullying in their E-Safety lesson. All the children showed great maturity when talking about this topic. We looked at a story called ‘Spikey the spider.’ Spikey was not a nice spider, who was mean to others online. As a class, we discussed what technology Spikey could be using to make mean comments. We then thought about how we would feel if Spikey was being mean to us online. The children came up with some great vocabulary to describe their emotions. The children then worked together to come up with ideas of what they should do if someone was being mean to them online.

Here are some of the ways the children thought of to keep safe:

  • Tell an adult you trust. This could be a parent or a teacher.
  • Close the technology down.
  • Block and report the person who is being mean.

The children showed great awareness of how to keep safe online. Well done, Rowling!

Have a great weekend.

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