Sound and Programming in Mozart

We have had a great afternoon exploring two of our new topics – sound and programming!

In computing, the children started learning how to programme in Logo, which is a text-based programming language where the children can type commands that are then drawn on the screen. We learnt the basic Logo commands (such as forwards, backwards, left and right) and then began learning how to read and write code. The children realised how accurate they needed to be when typing their commands, so that their ‘turtle’ did exactly what they wanted it to!

In science, we then learnt all about how sounds are made. We learnt that sound is a type of energy, and discussed how vibrations from a sound source travel through the air before then entering our ears, causing our ear drums to vibrate. These vibrations then send messages along nerves to our brain, which translates the vibrations as music or other sounds!

The children were fascinated by this, and enjoyed experimenting with tuning forks and different musical instruments to see the vibrations in action.


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