Paddington Class pretend to visit Hunstanton!

After talking about different modes of transport we decided that coach would be the best way to travel to our nearest seaside town so I became a ‘coach driver’  and we drove to ‘Hunstanton’.  Then we made flags with the town’s name on it and used them to decorate sandcastles like we might do if we were really there.  Then we talked about the physical features of seaside towns and used this knowledge to label a picture.

I was impressed by the children’s creativity in PE today.  They were asked to pretend to be clowns and use a ball to perform different tricks.  Some children were able to balance the ball on their necks, others rolled it around themselves on the floor and others rolled the ball down their arms.  I was very impressed by the creative ideas and dedication to try to improve these skills.  Well done Paddington Class!

Mrs Egan

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