Ennis Class – Brilliant Bug Hunt

On Monday Ennis class went on a bug hunt around the school grounds as part of our science unit. This term our unit focus is Alive or not?and Habitats. A habitat is a place or environment where an animal lives and a microhabitat is a very small habitat within a larger habitat.

During our bug hunt we searched under logs, in dead leaves and in bushes and found many microhabitats within the school grounds. We used our scientific equipment such as a mini magnifying glass, a plastic bug jar and some tools to help us carefully catch the bug and observe it. Unfortunately there was not many bugs due to cold whether conditions but we did find some worms and a spider which we released back into their habitats after observation. We had such a great time and recorded our results on a science grid ready for next lesson.

It was so great to have some time within our forest school area and every child thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Well done Ennis class for being superstars!

Miss Fantozzi



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