Robinson Class

Good afternoon,

We have had a great week in Robinson class.

In English, we have been learning about wishing tales and how to use a description toolkit to extend a story. The children have learnt the story of the curious garden and are using the model to write their own wishing tale.

In Maths, the children have been amazing and working very hard. We have been learning about equal groups, making equal groups, progressing to arrays, repeated addition and multiplication sentences. I have been very impressed as the children have tackled new challenging concepts with a great mindset.

In Geography we have been looking at where different food comes from. We looked at different packaging from Tesco and used a map to find out where the foods came from. We noticed that lots of fruit comes from countries close to the Equator which is where it is warmer. We liked finding food that are from the UK. The children then tried lots of different fruits and were very brave to try things they hadn’t done before or thought they might not like.

In Reading, the children have been sharing their love of poetry. We looked at the different structure of poems and how this differs from a story. The children then made actions to go with each verse to perform to their peers.

In DT, we are learning about pneumatics. We are planning and making a moving monster which the children are very excited about.

As we couldn’t go swimming, Ms Bland planned a fantastic PE lesson where the children worked on their balance and performance of shapes. They had to work as a team and follow careful instructions to make the different movements.

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