Churchill PE: Scorpion Handball

It’s been another busy week in Churchill class, with the children working hard on averages and translation in Maths, discussion texts in English, global trade in Geography, the past progressive tense in grammar and scorpion handball, part of the ‘creative’ cog of our Real PE scheme, in our PE lesson.

The object of the game is to score goals by throwing or striking the ball into the goal. Players move in ‘scorpion stance’. They can rest and continue to play the ball on fronts or bottoms or backs, but knees must not touch the ground. Players can throw and/or roll the ball to pass to team-mates. The children had great fun playing and we’re going to refine our game-play in next week’s lesson. It was a really fun end to the week.

Well done for working really hard, everyone – we’re proud of you all! Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Hateley



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